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RWE is the 2nd largest offshore operator in the world, with over 20 years of experience in the development, construction and operation of offshore wind projects. As a main player of the energy transition, RWE Group is aiming to triple its offshore wind capacity by 2030.

RWE is a specialist of bottom-fixed but also of floating offshore wind. The company currently takes part to the development of 3 floating demonstrators designed on different technologies and has been awarded a lease for a commercial-scale floating project in the USA.

In terms of innovation, RWE Group will also test the world first recyclable blades at its Kaskasi offshore wind farm and it is also a key player of hydrogen development, taking part of 30 green hydrogen related projects across the globe. Some of them combining hydrogen and offshore wind.

RWE's offshore wind portfolio

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RWE wants to be a recognised leader in sustainability in the offshore wind energy sector

To achieve this target, RWE will make sustainable solutions available both in its offshore wind projects in Spain and worldwide, continuously working on the basic pillars of the sustainability, improving on essential aspects to combat climate change, reduce the impact on biodiversity, promote the circular economy and local benefits.

In relation to the last point, it is important to highlight that offshore wind developments are proven, significant economic opportunities for the regions in which they operate, generating supply chain benefits, direct and indirect jobs and contracts.

At RWE, we put our focus within our projects on our suppliers by encouraging supply chain and economic growth and establishing a lasting regional economic legacy in the areas near our sites. RWE projects use a dedicated Supplier Portal to help suppliers register for potential contracts.

For Suppliers of RWE Renewables Spain

We are looking forward to an open, fair and collaborative partnership!

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RWE aims to become a key player in offshore wind in Spain

We believe that Spain is a strategic market, both for its potential in terms of wind resource, and for its extensive experience in the wind sector and capabilities in the value chain (industrial, naval, civil, ports; as well as in consulting, engineering, research and training centres).

RWE is also aware of the interest of the Spanish State in developing offshore wind market and about the efforts it is making to create the right framework to implement commercial-scale offshore wind farm projects in its waters.

The company acknowledges the country’s interest in becoming an industrial and technological development hub, in part fostered by its leadership in research and development, and in part for the technological development of floating offshore wind as well.

Therefore, we welcome the objective described in the “Roadmap for the development of offshore wind and marine energy in Spain” to supply up to 3GW of wind capacity by 2030 to the country, which due to the characteristics of its coastline and the spaces reserved by the Spanish Authorities for the implementation of the projects, will entirely be floating wind.

Floating Offshore Wind

Competitive power generation from deep waters in Spain

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In Spain, the spaces or high potential areas for offshore wind development are delimited through the Maritime Spatial Plans, MSP (or POEM in Spanish), where out of the five oceanic demarcations of Spanish waters, four were selected by the Administration as compatible for the offshore wind development with other uses, namely: Canary Islands, Catalonia, Galicia and Andalusia.

Consequently, RWE´s Offshore Wind Farm project “Drago”, in Gran Canaria island, intends to participate in the energy auction that shortly will be issued by the Government, providing 260MW of wind power to the island. According to the highest standards of protection of the environment and biodiversity, RWE has submitted to the Ministry for the Ecological Transition and the demographic challenge, MITECO, the Initial Project Document, DIP, which describes the main features and measures aiming the compatibility of the offshore wind farm, the natural and the socio-economic environments of Gran Canaria Island.

This project will be followed by other ones in the several areas designated by the Spanish Authorities for offshore wind development. That is the case of the Mediterranean, in Catalonia and Andalusia, and the Atlantic Ocean and Cantabrian Sea in Galicia. RWE wants to be there and compete in the auctions that will develop offshore wind energy.

Image credits: TetraSpar Demonstrator ApS

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