Floating offshore wind

Leading the way towards competitive floating wind

RWE’s experience in deploying offshore wind, combined with its in-house engineering expertise and global approach means it is particularly well placed to become a leader in floating wind.

How does floating wind work?

Floating wind uses the same turbines as conventional ‘seabed-fixed’ offshore wind but they are deployed on top of floating structures that are secured to the seabed with mooring lines and anchors. Electricity is transmitted to shore via subsea cables.

This technology opens up the possibility of deploying offshore wind projects in regions with deeper waters in established markets.

As a less mature technology than seabed-fixed, floating wind is currently more expensive but costs are expected to fall rapidly so that it should be relatively cost competitive by 2030.

Our ambition in Spain

RWE is aiming to become a market-leading floating wind player in strategic markets around the world. We aim to contribute to the Spanish Government’s target of delivering up to 3GW of Floating Wind capacity by 2030 and are actively investigating a number of floating wind opportunities to support that.

Floating Wind presents an important economic opportunity for ports and industry, driving fresh investment, regional and national growth, and new, skilled jobs and careers for the future; RWE is committed to maximizing these for Spain and regional economies.

In order to become a leader also in floating, RWE’s roadmap is based on global approach and international growth strategy. Building on extensive experience and progressive learning. To this end, RWE has invested in several floating demonstrator projects in various locations around the world to be better prepared to undertake projects on a commercial scale. A sign of RWE’s interest in this technology and of its confidence into the country, is that one of these demonstrators, the DemoSATH project, is located in Spain.


Floating Offshore Wind in Spain

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TetraSpar Demonstrator ApS (header image); Saitec Offshore Technologies (DemoSath)

Floating offshore wind

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