Onshore Wind Development

Power is blowing in the wind

Along with solar power, wind power answers the question of how we will structure the future of energy. Wind power has grown to become the most efficient renewable energy source during the past two decades. In addition to the number of wind turbines, the capacity of the individual units has grown enormously.

In Spain, RWE has an installed capacity for onshore wind of around 450MW.

Are you interested in leasing your land for an onshore wind farm?

How does an onshore wind farm take shape?​

With its team of more than 200 experienced employees in Spain, RWE designs wind farm projects in partnership with elected officials, residents, local associations and administrative authorities. Leveraging the global experience and capabilities of the RWE Group across the entire value chain, RWE Renewables not only develops, but also constructs and operates wind farms.

From the launch of the project to the dismantling or renewal of the plant, we pay special attention to the quality of our work by involving you in the project very early on – here, without a doubt, coordination is the key to success. The development of a wind project is a long process (from four to eight years on average):

Onshore Wind - stages of development | RWE in Spain


Through in-depth studies, RWE defines the best project for your area. RWE works with specialist consultancy firms and independent associations in order to conduct the various studies necessary for compiling the documentation for the environmental authorization applications.

  • Environmental study​

    The environmental study is based on both bibliographical studies (documentation on protected areas, regulations, data from associations) and field investigations (census of plant and animal species).

    This study is carried out over a complete biological cycle (one year). It establishes the potential impacts of the project on the environment, before proposing measures to avoid, reduce or compensate for these impacts. The final objective is to design the project with the least environmental impact. The study documents will be available for consultation during the public enquiry phase.

    Environmental study​ | RWE in Spain

Consultation ...

... to gain acceptance​

In the development of its projects, RWE is committed to a dialogue approach that meets the local community’s expectations. A transparent and clear communication is implemented at each step of the project. Special attention is paid to develop consistent projects with territories in question by involving relevant actors.

Our convictions​

  • Trusting | RWE in Spain

Form a trusting and close bond with the population by working transparently, with sincerity, a listening ear and a constant dialogue.

  • Co-construction | RWE in Spain

Develop a co-construction dynamic around an attractive project that creates value and opportunities.

Public inquiry

Any wind farm project is subject to a public inquiry process:

  • The information of the project (including the environmental impact study) is published in different public gazettes once the permit application has been requested.

  • Once made public, for one month any person or organization can present allegations or request some modifications in the project.​

  • All the responses will be submitted to the developer through the public administration with the aim to find an agreement.​

  • All the documents coming from the public inquiry process will be considered by the public administration for considering the project approval.

Our experts​

RWE has vast skills and experience within the team in Spain. Our teams of experts will accompany you throughout the project to guarantee its soundness.

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