Renewable energy means local energy for local people.

Together we will build a sustainable future

Our company is proud to commit to a significant investment of over €55 billion between 2024 and 2030 in renewable energy. We recognise the profound impact our operations have on communities throughout Spain, especially in rural areas in need of revitalisation. That is why community engagement is a top priority for us. We firmly believe that the future of energy is not just about technology, but also about people: their lives, their future, and the planet we share.

That is why RWE supports cultural, sporting, and environmental activities to strengthen and energise the communities where we operate. By working together, we amplify our collective impact and ensure a more sustainable, equitable future for generations to come in Spain.

Case studies

We take our responsibility to be part of these communities very seriously. 
We therefore take a proactive approach to their involvement, support and development. 

Sponsorship of the project
"Bosque de los Zaragozanos"

“Bosque de los Zaragozanos” is a collaborative initiative driven by the Zaragoza City Council with the strategic alliance of ECODES.

The initiative is articulated through the participation of companies, associations, foundations, institutions, and individuals, who collaborate to promote the planting of 700,000 trees in different areas throughout the city. Therefore, the focus lies on all those who support the objective of making Zaragoza a benchmark in sustainability and contributing to the Zaragoza Zero Emissions commitment for 2030 in the fight against climate change.

“Bosque de los Zaragozanos” aims to make Zaragoza a more naturalised and resilient municipality, committed to the fight against climate change and seeking to establish a series of benefits related to the concept of health, both for citizens and the urban ecosystem itself.

"Bosque de los Zaragozanos"
"Bosque de los Zaragozanos"
"Bosque de los Zaragozanos"
"Bosque de los Zaragozanos"

Sponsorship of the
"Great Living Nativity Scene of Galápagos"

This is a representation of the Nativity that takes place in the old town of Galápagos, in private courtyards, on the street, and in various rooms of the 18th-century baroque palace. It is organised by the cultural association Belén Viviente de Galápagos and is considered a regional tourist attraction.

Thanks to the selfless and generous efforts of local residents and friends, this activity comes to life: over 70 volunteers, 20 security experts, lighting and sound technicians, assemblers, animal caretakers, and fire coordinators...

Altogether, more than 120 individuals of all ages choose to celebrate Christmas in this unique manner and share their Christmas spirit with the community.

"Gran Belén viviente de Galápagos"

Sponsorship of
"Unión Ciclista Zaragoza"

Unión Ciclista Zaragoza is a cycling club that promotes exercise in society through its bike rides and participation in various cycling events. Its mission is to promote cycling and facilitate its members' safe and organised practice, transmitting the values and ethical principles of cycling. This approach is based on fundamental values such as sportsmanship, fair play, effort, self-sacrifice, respect, humility, solidarity, and leadership.

The goal of Unión Ciclista Zaragoza is to be one of the main meeting points for cycling at the regional level. It seeks to promote the comprehensive practice of cycling as a social activity and to foster, through this sport, a way of life that offers health, fun, and well-being at any age and with any level of physical fitness. It aspires to become a reference point that promotes both cycling practice and a healthy and balanced lifestyle philosophy.

"Unión Ciclista Zaragoza"
"Unión Ciclista Zaragoza"

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